Digitally driven, creating an agile and resilient smart supply chain Digitally driven
creating an agile
and resilient smart supply chain
Digital Intelligence Supply Chain
FC Group is committed to building a sustainable supply chain system, always maintaining a win-win cooperative relationship with suppliers, building efficient operation processes, comprehensive digital intelligence and systematic IT systems. Business processes are digitized across the Group's subsidiaries, improving visibility and collaboration across the entire supply chain ecosystem. At the same time, we actively deploy global strategic procurement, build a risk management and control mechanism, and provide an agile and resilient smart supply chain to achieve the Group's strategic goals.
300 + million
2023 Purchase Volume
3000 +
Global Partners
Global Delivery Network
(countries and regions)
Global Delivery Network
(countries and regions)
5000 +
Global Warehousing
Comprehensive Supplier Management
Standardize supplier database, promote supplier introduction process, and improve supplier management efficiency.
Introduce Tianyancha to verify supplier information through to ensure that supplier information is authentic and effective and avoid supply risks.
Adopting online contract editing to improve the efficiency of contract formulation and standardize contract text information.
Standardize procurement business processes and reduce procurement costs.
Unified management of multiple types and departments of purchase orders, meeting the overall needs of the group while realizing the special needs of subsidiaries and improving procurement efficiency.
Open up the shared information flow of SRM, ERP, OA, and finance to accelerate the informatization construction of the group.
Build a supplier portal where suppliers can collaborate on quotations, view purchase orders, and create delivery orders to improve collaboration efficiency.
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