Widely used products with trustworthy quality Widely used products with trustworthy quality
Application Scenarios
We are the authorized distributor of JAE, TE, LITE-ON, BOURNS, LAIRD, HONEYWEILL, SUMITOMO, TWC, MIRAMEMS, LJV, DNMC and other world-famous brands. Meanwhile, we independently develop and manufacture connectors, wiring harness integration, system modules and other electronic components, which are widely used in new energy vehicles, energy storage, industrial control, medical equipment, consumer electronics and other fields.
Automotive Electronics
We focus on products and technologies in the field of new energy vehicles, applying three core technologies including batteries, motors, and electronic controls. We also conduct in-depth research in the fields of intelligent driving and intelligent vehicle applications, and provide a safe, reliable, and flexible customized one-stop solution.
At present, we have provided products and technical solutions that meet the technological development of customers for many well-known domestic and foreign car manufacturers and Tier 1 include Tesla Motors, SAIC Motor, Li Auto, Geely Auto, etc.
New Energy and Energy Storage
After years of accumulation in the new energy and energy storage industry, we have provided electronic components such as connectors, wire harnesses, optocouplers, magnetic components, etc. to well-known domestic and foreign customers. Meanwhile, we also customize comprehensive circuit protection, EMI, and thermal management related solutions for customers.
Industrial Control
We have numerous customers in the industrial control industry such as elevators, electric drives, PLCs, robots, etc. Over the years, we have not only provided electronic technology solutions to meet customer development needs, but also actively participated in and provided mass-produced technical solutions for future product development.
Facing the high quality requirements of the medical industry, we have a rich product portfolio to meet the needs of medical customers in key components such as connectors, customized wiring harnesses, and sensors. Among them, over 10 years of experience in customizing wiring harnesses and functional modules for high-end medical customers has earned high praise from customers in the medical industry. Our more than 10 years of experience in customizing wiring harnesses and functional modules for high-end medical customers are highly valued by our customers in the medical industry.
Consumer Electronics
In the consumer electronics industry, our competitive product solutions are concentrated in the AR/XR and e-cigarette industries. We have provided relevant services to well-known domestic and foreign brands, including JUUL, British American Tobacco, NREAL, etc. The consumer electronics industry, especially in fields such as AR/XR, is undergoing rapid technological updates. At present, our high-efficiency cooling dissipation solutions, miniaturized and high-speed connector solutions, and circuit protection solutions have been recognized by multiple customers, providing solid technical support for the upgrading of the consumer industry.
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