Founded in Shanghai
6 product series, 40000+ specifications of products
Founded in Shanghai, China in 2009, is the intelligent manufacturing platform of the FC Group, specializing in connector manufacturing, wiring harness integration, module research and development and manufacturing of national high-tech enterprises, products are widely used in new energy, industrial control, automotive and consumer electronics fields. We have been closely monitoring market demand and industry trends, constantly exploring and applying new materials and technologies to improve product performance and quality. Through independent and collaborative research and development, we provide competitive products and comprehensive solutions for our customers' continuous innovation.
Brand Advantages
Diversified management and R&D team
Advanced integrated processing equipment
Thousands of raw material suppliers to achieve rapid response
Introducing digital and information technology, adopting lean production management methods
10,000 square meters plant integrating office and production
The factory has passed ISO9000 and IAFT16949 system certifications. Integrating knowledge and action to implement quality management requirements, ensuring that product quality and customer specific requirements are met
Discover our quality products
Our expertise includes contact and connector systems, sensor systems, special cable assemblies, and injection molding technology. DNMC is much more than that. Discover our entire product portfolio, including solutions for the automotive industry as well as industrial solutions.
Our products have a complete manufacturing process and strict production procedures, which can meet the various needs of customers. The high quality and high standards of our products have won wide recognition from customers.。
Temperature control module
We can provide customers with customized services and transform their ideas into physical implementation based on their ideas. Our enthusiastic service is recognized by our customers.
Wiring harness
We have advanced processing equipment, perfect processing technology, and a positive spirit of innovation, which can not only ensure product quality, but also actively reduce costs and increase efficiency for customers, making them satisfied.
Backplane connector
The backplane connector is a connector that connects the motherboard and the daughter board. It is commonly used in large communication equipment, ultra-high-performance servers and supercomputers, industrial computers, and high-end storage devices.
Terminal connectors
Made from a sheet of metal sealed with insulating plastic, it has holes on both ends to allow wires to be inserted, tightened or loosened. It is widely used in electrical engineering, smart furniture, industrial automation, military aerospace and other fields.
Board to wire connector
Adopting a highly integrated design, it can realize the transmission of multiple signals and power, while reducing the size and weight of the connector, making installation and use easier.
Wire to wire connector
Used in a variety of applications such as audio, video, data transmission, etc. Bayonet design makes installation quick and easy, requiring no special tools or skills.
Connector fixing buckle
It has the characteristics of high strength, high rigidity and high durability, which can ensure the stability and reliability of the connector.
Collaborate with excellent Chinese made connector manufacturers to provide customers with alternative solutions for various imported connectors, and provide customized solutions based on different usage scenarios and needs of customers.
Equipment Overview
Injection molding machine - horizontal type
Injection molding machine - upright type
Stamping machine
Automated assembly equipment
CCD testing
Wire harness automatic equipment
Collaborative laboratory capabilities
Test objects: electronic component products, connector products, wiring harness products, charging guns/piles, etc
Electrical performance test
Volt-ampere characteristic
Superimposed AC voltage
Slow rise and slow fall test of voltage
Power interruption
Reverse polarity
Open circuit test
Short circuit test
Withstand voltage
Insulation resistance
Voltage drop/contact resistance
Electrical load test
Load dump
Temperature rise test
Current circulation
Temperature load test
High and low temperature storage
Temperature cycling test
Ice water impact test
Salt spray test
Thermal Shock
Ice water impact test
Cleanliness test
Light load test
Sunlight simulation
Infrared simulation
Xenon lamp aging
UV aging
Carbon arc lamp aging
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