Talent Center
In FC Group, both company and individuals should be true in word and resolute in deed. We believe that there is no shortcut to success. Only through reasonable planning and efficient execution can we achieve our work goals in the shortest time. We believe in the power of the team, so every year we spend a lot of time and energy on team training. Integrity, professionalism and execution are the core values of the company. We will work hard to implement our core values. Honesty, trustworthiness, and law-abiding are the cornerstones of corporate culture and the key to the company's sustainable and successful operation. It is also the benchmark to judge whether our motivation for doing everything is pure, whether our decision is correct, and whether our behavior is compliant. No matter it is between colleagues or partners, we must be honest and trustworthy. We respect every stakeholder and partner in the value chain. The company recognizes the value of each employee and creates a safe, orderly, healthy and comfortable working environment for employees. It can not only provide employees with long-term job security, equal opportunity, fair treatment and labor dignity, but also steadily increase the income of every loyal employee who works hard for the company with the growth of enterprise benefits, so that their families can enjoy a dignified and tasteful life. The company requires every employee to treat his/her life and career in good faith, regard honor and integrity as his life, abide by social ethics, and strictly abide by laws, regulations and rules related to the company's business. The company adheres to the bottom line of business ethics, is impartial and law-abiding in all business activities, fulfills its promises and has the courage to take responsibility for its actions. In FC Group, you may encounter strong challenges in your career, but believe that in the end, talented you will grow up here, root here and fall in love with it!
FC Group values the abilities of each employee and carefully formulates career plans for them. As a member of our team, you can clearly understand your own skills and abilities regardless of your seniority. Our career path to success is to evaluate the work level of each employee through a series of processes such as guidance, training, practice and evaluation. Whether you are a junior employee or a senior industry expert, FC Group will be a development platform that you cannot miss. You can apply for the appropriate position or send your CV directly to the following email: hr@fcdynamics.com You can also access our recruitment information through the following link: 51Job.com
We are creating an open, inclusive, creative and harmonious environment where employees live, work and grow
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Outstanding Employees
"In 2004, I joined FC Group and grew up with the company. I have spent the best years with you and my heart is full of beautiful memories. On the 20th anniversary of the company, awarding this outstanding employee to me is a recognition of my past work, and it also inspires me to better start the journey of the next 20 years. The strength of one person is limited. In my future work, I will continue to enrich my study, lead the entire team, and strive to better realize the vision of the company. I will always demand myself with the core values of the group, adhere to the mission, and never forget the original intention."
—— Lily Lee
Working hours: Monday to Friday 9:00-17:30
Address: E331, 602 Pengjiang Road, Shanghai, China
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